If you are considering marriage, congratulations. It is one of the best decisions in life.


You have also made a good decision in pursuing pre-marital counseling. As you may know, unfortunately, more marriages fail than succeed. And second marriages don't guarantee better results. But while there are no guarantees, you can take precautions to avoid the rocky road of separation and divorce. Pre-marital counseling is such a precaution.


Together we'll examine your histories to better manage the influence of the past upon your future together. We'll also discuss in detail, communications, since over 80% of divorced couples cite poor or lack of communications as the primary problem. We'll outline roles and responsibilities toward effectively managing your household. And, of course, we'll pursue a realistic understanding of love and intimacy. In 2-3 sessions, we will have covered every critical topic that matters to the longevity of your marriage. At the end of it all, you'll receive an assessment of your potential together as a wonderful couple.


Each counseling session runs approximately 55 minutes.

  • Single Session  $60

  • 3 Session Series  $150 (if paid in advance)


* Please note that these prices are based on my officiating your ceremony.  


For more information, please contact us for next steps to your counseling program.


It is your wedding, your dream, your way!

Counseling Services

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